A vinyl banner is a large, thin, flexible image printed on vinyl. Vinyl banners are usually hung on walls or over shop windows to promote products and services, but they can also be used as backdrops at events or to create temporary signage for outdoor exhibitions. Vinyl banners are the most popular form of sign out of any material because they are lightweight, can be installed on nearly any surface, are easily produced in any size or shape, and are relatively inexpensive.

Markup Price

The industry standard for mark-up on vinyl banners is approximately 30%. The industry-standard markup for vinyl banners varies between 10% – 20%. The price includes the cost of the design and production of the artwork. The cost also includes the production of the banner itself and its transport. The industry standard cost for a vinyl Banner Printing Mission Viejo Ca is $5-6 per square foot. This is the price advertised by many of the leading banner manufacturers and distributors.

The markup for vinyl banners varies depending on who you are ordering from, the size of the banner, and other factors. We should consider the number of colors that are used in the vinyl banner design as well as whether or not it is a 2-sided banner.

For instance, if you are ordering a vinyl banner from one of the top companies in this niche, you can expect to pay anywhere between $0.69 – $0.98 per square foot for a single-sided banner made up of 1 color with no graphics or other features. If it is a 2-sided banner with graphics on both sides your costs will be higher because it will increase the amount of time needed to create your design.

Depending Variables

There are some variables that go into pricing the process of Banner Printing Mission Viejo Cash as size, colors, the complexity of design, and how fast it needs to be completed.


The cost of banners will be dependent on the size of the banner, whether you want to print on one side or both, and the amount of graphics required.


The industry standard for vinyl banners is to use 1 banner as a space divider, 1 banner as a backdrop, and 2 banners as backdrops. This is to account for the weight and size of the fabric.


An industry standard for vinyl banners is $75 per square foot, with most printed banners costing anywhere from $100 to $150.

Markup Process

Markups are necessary to create for Banner Printing Mission Viejo Ca to sell them. They are done by hand and can be done at your local sign shop or you can do it yourself, but the price of materials is significantly higher.

The Industry Standard Markup varies depending on the type of Banner Printing Mission Viejo Ca. It is important to research what industry-standard markup is for your specific banner so that pricing is calculated more accurately.

Companies charge different prices depending on their overhead costs, production timeframe, the quantity being ordered, and so on. The cost per square foot of vinyl banner pricing will depend largely on the complexity of the design being printed onto it. For example, designs with many colors or intricate details will cost more than simpler designs with only one color. Similarly, backlit prints usually cost more than non-backlit ones.

Industry Standard

The industry standard for vinyl banners is a minimum of 100 square feet.

Minimum requirements for a vinyl banner include:

  • A width of 16” or more, and a height of 20’ or more
  • An artwork file in .jpeg format with 300dpi resolution
  • Able to be printed from 18″x24″ up to 24″x36″