Vinyl stickers are one of the most popular types of decals in the world. You get a high quality sticker with an amazing print. That being said, vinyl stickers still take a bit of work to get right. Today we are going to explore some of the best tips for making vinyl stickers.

If You are Going To Cut The Sticker Use a Sharp Knife

Cutting vinyl stickers is sometimes necessary to trim away unwanted borders or to remove certain sections to get the design you desire. If you do decide you are going to cut away part of your sticker, use a sharp knife. The knife will be able to cut through without leaving any jagged marks. You will also get more control over what you cut.

Order From A Top Quality Printer

Different companies put in different amounts of work on each sticker they produce. You want to look for a vinyl printing company that puts in quality work. A good printer and good base stickers will help to prevent peeling or discoloration as your stickers age.

Proof Your Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl isn’t your typical printing surface. You are going to want to proof your design and make sure everything is up to snuff before you start ordering massive amounts of your stickers. A proof is a single comply meant to give you a demonstration of what your finished product will look like.

Consider Adding Extras

Vinyl stickers can come with a variety of different added extras. You can add on reflective detail, waterproof coating, and much more. Consider adding extras if you are looking to use your vinyl stickers for special purposes. For example, reflective detailing helps your stickers to stand out at night.

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