Trade Show Tablecloth

Do you have a trade show or other event coming up? Almost all businesses and groups at trade shows and events have trade show tablecloths. These specially designed tablecloths show off the group or business so that others can easily find you and identify you.

Some events may even require companies to have tablecloths before they can participate. Having custom table covers for trade shows makes your business more professional and helps to show that you are serious about what you do. Companies that attend regular trade shows might even have a custom table cover for each show.

At Signs Plus we make custom trade show tablecloths for all kinds of businesses and groups. From small businesses to large, from sports teams to freelancers, we have made all kinds of event table covers. Each tablecloth that we make is made with care.

What Can Be Put On A Trade Show Tablecloth?

Trade shows exist for just about any industry that is out there. Everyone wants to have a different trade show table cover. With that in mind, we get asked what you can put on a trade show tablecloth. Want the answer? Just about anything.

The text is popular for groups with tables at trade shows. They want people to be able to read what table they are looking at. Sometimes they also want to put on their trade show booth tablecloths the type or name of the products that they are exhibiting. Different parts of the trade show tablecloth can have text added.

Imagery such as logos or product pictures can be added to the trade show tablecloth too. A good amount of our customers ask for this because their logos are easily recognizable. Some also want to put pictures of their products on their tablecloth to further show off what they have to offer.

Nothing is stopping you from combining both options and putting images and text on a tablecloth. The only limit to what you can do is the size of your tablecloth and the size of each aspect of your design.

Quality Trade Show Tablecloth

An important aspect of any trade show booth tablecloth is quality. Everyone who sees your tablecloth will judge your business off what they see. This is your make or breaks moment, the time to make a good impression. As such, we at Signs Plus want to make sure that you get the quality you expect in your trade show tablecloth with logo (or without).

Our process for ensuring quality control started with testing a wide variety of tablecloths. We wanted to find the best tablecloth for the job. To meet our standards, the tablecloths had to be outstanding. Here is what we were looking for:

  • A tablecloth that wouldn’t fray
  • A tablecloth that wouldn’t fade
  • A tablecloth that was hard to damage or stain
  • A tablecloth with color options
  • A tablecloth that can withstand various environments
  • A quality tablecloth
  • A tablecloth we could be happy putting our name behind

After that, we inspected our tablecloth printing process. Keeping everything in mind, we wanted to make sure we were giving you the best possible design. All of our equipment was checked for proper output and to make sure it met or exceeded the industry standard. It all exceeded the industry standard.

Customer Service For Every Customer

We have had that bad customer service experience that we are sure you have too. Where you call a company for help and don’t get any help. At Signs Plus we hope to change your experience with customer service for the better. All of our team members are experts and there to help. If you have a question or are ready to order we hope to hear from you.

Our team is available during standard business hours for Laguna Hills, CA and Mission Viejo, CA. You can contact sales at 949-357-0581 or at our contact us page.

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