Custom Flags

Custom Flags

Imagine your brand flying on a custom flag outside of your business, at events, and on customer’s property. All of this is easily achievable with custom flags from Signs Plus. We serve customers in the Laguna Hills, CA area and the Mission Viejo, CA area. We specialize in making signs of all kinds and that includes custom-made flags that will fly proudly and do justice to your brand.

A lot of people are misled by the idea of a brand. Brands do not have to be only for businesses. A brand is your image. Everyone has an image and every group has an image whether that be a business, sports team, volunteer agency, community, or anyone else.

Flags can be placed in dirt, sand, grass, or any similar piece of ground and as such are a very versatile method of advertising. You can also use them to signal where you are during an event or even on a regular business day.

All Around Quality Custom Flags

We create custom flags near me with a quality that stands out amongst the competition. Our flags have a vibrant color and can have a wide variety of options available to buyers. At Signs Plus, we have invested highly in our custom flag printing. Our printers are state of the art and the staff that works with your projects are highly trained.

Our printing is only an end product though. The best printing processes in the world won’t mean anything to you if you don’t have quality starting material. Before even considering the printing process we had to make sure that we had high-quality personalized flags. We looked through the industry to find the best. Our criteria for the best include:

  • Flags that would stand the test of time
  • Flags that could keep their quality in all weather
  • Flags that are affordable
  • Flags that we could be proud to sell

After we found top candidates for flags we tested them to before deciding on the products we now offer. Finding the right solution is key for our customers.

What Do We Put On Custom Flags?

People always ask what they can put on a custom flag. Everyone has a different use for custom flags and people want to know if it will work for their use. That is completely understandable. Let’s get the answer to that out of the way.

Most people want to put some form of text on the flags when custom flag printing. This is completely doable and one of our most popular options. People want to be able to put their company name or a message on the sign. Some want custom sale flags or rent flags. Depending on the font, size, and location of text we can fit a variety of text on to your custom flags.

Another popular option is to have a company logo or image printed onto the custom flag. We can place an image anywhere on the custom flag and even add in text to go with it. This allows you to truly get what you want when you order custom flags.

Outstanding Customer Service For All

No matter whether you are looking for one custom flag or a large number of custom flags, we treat every customer the same. If you call for help or to place an order, we do everything we can to make sure that you end up with the product that you need. Even if that means going above and beyond. All of our sales team is highly trained in our products to ensure you get someone who knows what they are talking about.

Are you ready to order custom flags? Have questions? Our sales team is ready for your call at 949-357-0581 or to respond to your email on the contact us page. We aim to make sure every customer has a top-notch experience.

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