Custom Canvas Prints


Canvas was long thought of as a traditional media that only those who painted could use. Now, in the age of extremely high quality and versatile printers, we can print directly on the canvas. What does this mean for you and your business? It means that you have yet another presentation option.

Custom canvas prints are unique. Unlike paper, canvas has a texture. That texture is present with anything that is printed on it, making look almost as if it too were painted. That is – as long as the company that prints the image can print a high quality image.

At Signs Plus we produce only the finest printed items, including custom canvas prints. Both our original products and printing process are some of the highest tech in the industry. Customers from across the world order from our website and we are based out of the Laguna Hills, CA and Mission Viejo, CA area.

Quality Custom Canvas Prints Through Top Tier Material

We know that we already briefly touched on the quality of our work but one of the things we pride ourselves on is our craftsmanship. With that in mind, we wanted to talk to you about how we achieved the best custom canvas prints.

First, we started looking at all of the canvases that we could print on. A good variety of companies create the canvas that can be printed on but not all of those companies create them with the same care we put into our work. We picked up various different canvases and tested them all before we found the right ones.

What were we looking for?

  • Canvases designed and built with quality in mind
  • Canvases that wouldn’t deteriorate over time
  • Canvases that aren’t altered by the printing process
  • Canvases that hold printed images well
  • Canvases that we would be excited to put our name behind

After we found the right canvases we went to make sure that our printing process was fine tuned before we started selling custom canvas prints and large custom canvas prints. We researched industry standards and implemented changes that helped us to exceed standards. Testing and experimentation were also key in getting our canvas prints online to be the best that they could be.

What Can Go On A Custom Canvas Print?

Canvas printing near me often works with as a wide variety of customers. From business customers to artists, we work with a huge selection of people ourselves. Many of them wonder what they can put on their custom canvas prints.

One of the most popular things is to get custom canvas wall art. Artists can reproduce their art into any size using a high quality scan and then utilize our printing service to have it put onto custom size canvas prints. Tall, small, large, wide, any size print can do artists justice. It is a great way for artists to be able to make money after they have sold an original piece.

Custom canvas art prints can also be used for marketing so that you can show off your artistic ability. If you go to an event, you can have a large reproduction of your art made so that you can catch attention even before they see you.

Businesses often use custom canvas prints to show off their employees working hard, or new designs. Anything that they want to put a flair to, they will print on canvas.

As far as the details about what can go on a custom canvas print. Text, digitally created images, scanned images, photographs, just about anything can be printed onto a canvas. If you have questions about your specific purpose, please call us today and we will help to answer your questions.

Customer Service To Provide Tier One Support

One of the reasons so many people come to Signs Plus, a local business, is that we provide some of the best customer services in the industry. We work with customers to get what they want to be put on custom printed products such as custom canvas prints. Each team member is trained and experienced in providing customer service, backed by extensive knowledge of our products.

Do you need help getting custom canvas prints? Have questions? Ready to order? You can contact us at 949-357-0581 or via email at


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