Are you looking to quickly add your logo, business name, and/or contact information to your fleet vehicles in San Diego? Magnetic signs San Diego allows you to have quick and easy signs on your vehicles. These signs attach to the side, back, and hood of almost any vehicle and can easily be removed and moved to other vehicles. What can you do with magnetic signs San Diego?

Magnetic Signs San Diego

Magnetic Signs San Diego

The possibilities with magnetic signs San Diego are almost limitless. The biggest limits you will have are those that the printer has, such as size.


You can print any color onto magnetic signs San Diego, including very bright colors and very dark colors. As long as the printer has high quality equipment, they will be able to print two very similar colors next to each other while keeping them easily distinguishable. The spectrum of colors allows you to use your brand colors to carry your brand onto your vehicles.

Fully Customizable

You can fully customize magnetic signs San Diego. While many companies offer templates on their website to simplify the process, these magnets are getting made by a printer. Printing onto magnets means you can move text around in the design, add pictures or graphics, and your logo. You end up with your own unique design.

Reflective Decals

Some magnetic signs San Diego are available with reflective material. Your vehicles can easily be seen at night when lights cross over the decal.


There are many size options when it comes to magnetic signs San Diego. While printers will determine the sizes that they offer, they will most often offer at least a few size options. This will allow you to get the size sign that is right for the vehicle and part of vehicle that you are using.

Magnetic signs San Diego are very popular. You can easily stick these signs onto your vans, cars, and trucks. They can even be mounted onto rental vehicles if your fleet vehicles are in the shop. Take these features to mind and go design your magnetic signs San Diego.