Visit any trade show and you’ll find a wide array of booths and exhibit areas, each with its distinct layout. If they’re exhibiting a huge modular display or a smaller tabletop exhibit, just one thing that all successful trade show exhibitors understand – advertising their brand is among the most important elements in attracting new clients. Large-scale banners, graphics, and giveaways are just some of the ways to accomplish this, but doing something as simple as investing in a customized table cover – will help make a difference in the success of the exhibition hall.

A custom designed table cover will take tablecloths to an entirely new level. With a customized cover, it is possible to include graphic designs, your business’s name and logo, or even your website address if you would like. Custom-designed tables for trade shows are available in a variety of types of materials, meaning it is possible to mix and match them however you’d prefer.

You can pick between polyester, nylon as well as vinyl. You can also choose the design that you prefer, which includes fitting and form-fitting stretch covers to more flowing throws drape covers, table skirts. You can also print your own design on smaller table runners that can be placed on top of the solid-colored table covers to add a bit of contrast. For those who are eco-conscious business owners think about purchasing a green-friendly custom cover made using natural materials and employing inks and printing techniques that are not impactful to the environment.

Tips For Selecting Correct Trade Show Tablecloth

Some tips related to trade show table cloth are:

Be Selective with the Color

Colorful table covers for trade shows can significantly enhance your company’s presence at a tradeshow since it will draw the attention of. Trade shows are held in a setting that has intense competition, and it is essential to be noticed. While there may some products that are similar to yours, it’s essential that yours stands out in the most professional way.

When you choose the color of the cover for your table, you have ensured that they match the overall look of your display. The signage and banners placed in your booth should also be designed with colors and designs identical to the table cover. This will ensure that the overall theme of your booth is established that is consistent with your target audience. If your logo has bright and neutral colors you should consider choosing the brighter shade since it can make heads turn. It is also possible to have Table covers made to order in various ways. This is a great option to give a unique design to your booth at trade exhibitions.

Select the right Material 

When you are buying a table cover for your event, it is important that they can withstand the weather. Make sure to find one with durable fabric and the right material so customers will be attracted to buying from your booth more than others

A lightweight cover should allow airflow but also keep out water or other elements of nature which could ruin their product if not protected beforehand.

Choose the Proper Size

It is essential to have a table cover that is ideally sized for the table, and so, ideal size is required for you to showcase your company’s messages and images of your products in the most effective way to the target crowd at the trade show. Don’t buy a too-small material that shrinks after one usage or appears too big for the table.

Check out the event’s material and details to determine whether the various sizes of tables are offered or not. There are options almost all the time However, smaller events may give you only one option. So, ensure you have multiple covers of the same size to ensure you are on the safe side.

The most popular sizes for cover are eight and six feet length tables, as well as an inch thick top and a 30 inches tall stand. There are other options, including tables that measure four feet with a 2 feet high top.

Be Biased to Front Printing

It is possible to choose front-printed tablecloths only if you’re on a budget. These tablecloths are inexpensive in comparison to those printed full-color. They can also make your company logo and photos of products look realistic as well.

There are a few negatives to the front-printed table cover for your trade exhibition. There are a limited number of stock backgrounds to match the background color on the front of the panel. So, if you’re trying to make the first positive impression on your potential clients and you don’t have any budget restrictions. Do not go for front-printed covers and choose fully-printed table covers for trade shows for your next business event.

Physical Advantages

Many people don’t know that tablecloths can be more than just a decoration. For example, they help prevent your booth from getting dirty or wet in bad weather and also protect the surface you’re setting food on by catching any dirt drops. Before it has time to settle into deeper layers of paint/stain, etc., allowing for easier cleaning later down the line!

Another thing is being able to store things behind my tables without fear someone will see what’s underneath- this could include anything ranging from extra chairs if there are leftovers after use. To decorations during busy periods because space becomes tight quickly.


How do you wish your clients to experience when they view your company? A company that is attentive to every aspect that is marketing-related, or one that doesn’t bother all that about what’s referred to as “nonessentials”? This is the problem: if you don’t let your customers know that you’re concerned about the specifics, you’re not showing them that you’re interested in the specifics of their relationship with you. 

If you’re in the local area trying to get new visitors to your site The first thing you must do is create an exhibition that draws visitors to come in. Something that is attractive enough to get them to look twice before they leave for a short time to enhance that first impression.

This is particularly important during trade shows, especially when you’re a booth within a row like booths at a convention center. A visually appealing display is among the most effective methods to get the attention of customers.

Tablecloths are a simple option to make your display appear professional and appealing providing the perfect professional backdrop for the ultimate top of the line which is the services and products that your business can provide.

Business Exposure

Rather than hiding from the competition, you should make your presence known. Tablecloths with branded logos and colors specific to your business can sway potential customers in favor of what’s on offer at any given time.

Attendance isn’t limited just to those who will buy something- many attendees express interest or curiosity about a booth they see while wandering through the convention center floor displays. This means that if tablecloth design includes company graphics prominently displayed then these too could be seen by passersby. Thus increasing visibility among prospects interested enough themselves purchase one product off another vendor’s tables nearby.