Banner ads are visual instead of text-based and are a well-known form of online advertisement. The goal of banner ads is to promote a company’s brand or to draw visitors from the website hosting the banner to the website of the advertiser.

Variation in Cost

Based on the industry norm, the starting cost of a 24-” wide banner is $12.50 for each linear foot. Therefore, a 2′ x 6′ blank banner must be at a minimum of $75.00.

Your signage could bring thousands of dollars of business to your client. If you’ve done an excellent job of creating professional signage that enhances the image of your client and reputation, it’s worth its reasonable market value.

If you’re selling digitally printed banners that are sold on the market, the standard price for pricing is $8.00 for each square foot. You might be tempted to offer a lower price since you don’t need to cut or weed different colors of vinyl, however even if it cost less time to make the banner is not a factor on the value it brings to the client.

A fully designed and designed banner with full-color graphics has greater worth because its visual impact can increase sales and boost, the awareness of your customers. The fact that it is able to include full-color graphics means that you are able to make it a part of your client’s other marketing campaigns (including television, web, and outdoor ads) which can increase your potential R.O.I. for all the marketing dollars they spend.

When it comes to design, you should consider charging an amount for design whenever you can. If your client is a graphic design firm and they’re required to pay for this work. This same service should not be available at your shop for signs. Prices in your local market could vary, however, an hourly fee of $25 or more or a flat rate of $75 should be the minimum. A lot of designers charge between $600-$800.

Factors Affecting the Price

Following are some factors while deciding on the price of banner printing.


When designing a banner, colors greatly affect the price. Printing costs are often high and the quantity of colors applied and the type of printing that employed will impact the price of printed banners. If you intend to use only a few of colors for multiple banners, it’s usually better to utilize print screening techniques in contrast to a larger number of colors that are in a smaller amount should be printed using digital printing.


One important aspect to be considered is the dimensions of the Custom Printed banners. This is contingent on the length of your flag poles in addition to the dimension of the picture you wish to show. If you have a significant amount of detail in your images and the banner will be displayed at heights, it is best to design the banner’s flag in a larger size to guarantee adequate visibility.


The price depends on the quantity as well. The greater the number of Custom Printed Banner purchased the greater your discount will be. If selling for a large number of custom-designed banners, ensure giving just a right amount of discount.

Tips for Banner Designing

One should keep these points in mind while designing.

Proper Font Selection

Consider the size and the scale of your banner. How is it high and how long is your banner going to be displayed? From what distance do wish people to see the banner? A good rule of thumb is 10 to 100- 10 inches of height of the letter for every 100′ in visibility.

Don’t forget that the more speedy the passing traffic, the bigger the banner’s and font’s size should be. So, the font you choose for your text needs to be more large for a banner that targets freeway traffic than the banner that is targeted at pedestrians in the park. Phoenix’s Phoenix printing experts will help you choose the appropriate size font for your banner so that it’s easily understood by the people you want to reach.

Keeping User’s View

When you design your large format print One crucial things to be aware of is the angle that the viewers will be viewing the print. Images that are taller than the attendees will appear different from images that are lower in height. This can affect the position of the images and text as well as the message you wish to emphasize the banner. The designs that seem too complicated or contain messages that aren’t easy to understand will likely to be lost when they are further off the ground.

Proper Selection of Words

When you use vinyl banners only need few seconds to communicate your message and that’s if you want to. If the message isn’t understood and read in 2 seconds or less, you’ve lost the attention of the viewer. A common rule for the text on banners is 3×5. In other words, simplicity is the key to be clear and following the guidelines. It should be no more than 15 words within the text of the advertisement:

  • A text that is three lines long, with 5 words on each line
  • Five lines of text, with three words per line.

Proper Formating

One thing to keep in mind when you are considering banners (that differs from other marketing materials, such as flyers and leaflets) is that, in the majority of cases, they are designed to grab attention from the distance. This is why it is essential to ensure that the content on the banner has large and easily read text.