Every company that has a parking garage or parking lot should invest in parking signs to help make parking spots clear and to carry the quality of your brand. You want your parking signs to be noticeable and creative though. You don’t want to look like you used cheap parking signs. Use these parking sign ideas to help make the perfect custom parking signs.

Use Your Company Logo

Printing your company logo onto your parking signs is one of the best parking sign ideas you may have. A logo on the sign makes it clear to parkers that they should only be parking their if they are associated with your company. Besides that, even with a company logo, you can still print the text below it.

Make It Stand Out

Some companies think that low profile parking signs are a good idea. Instead, you want to have high visibility parking signs. The better the visibility, the more effective a sign is. If someone can claim that they didn’t see a sign, they will. Choose to use reflective sign materials when you can to help them stand out.

Best Parking Sign Ideas

Best Parking Sign Ideas

Choose Opposite Colors

When picking the colors for your parking sign, another parking sign idea is to choose opposite colors. For example, if your background is white, you will want to pick a dark color for text so it stands out on the background. You could also use a dark background with a bright text.

Use Clear Text

Do not overload parking signs with a lot of text. It is a good parking sign idea to use simple language on a parking sign and to not put too much on the sign. This helps to ensure that people read the sign and don’t just ignore it due to a large amount of text.

Include A Border

Borders help to draw attention to a sign and the contents within it. This is one of the reasons that almost all stop signs have a border. Make sure to have a border around the edges of your sign.

Take these five parking sign ideas to mind and you will be able to make signs that properly represent your business. Each of them has been handpicked to help you stand out and to get the most out of the end product.