When it comes to designing and printing a banner for your business (or on behalf of a client), there’s a lot of things that you need to consider. Even if you’re relatively experienced in other forms of print design (e.g. sticker or leaflet design etc), there are a few aspects of a great banner design that many designers tend to neglect, and often, these are crucial to the success of your banner.

-Choosing a good font:

You’ll want to make sure that you have chosen a readable, easily recognizable, and aesthetically pleasing font for your banners. This is important as banners are often seen from afar at busy events (e.g. concerts, festivals, etc) so the text needs to be clear and legible even with some distance between it and the viewer

-Styles of banners:

There are many different styles of banners available but what works best depends on the business type or event being advertised. For example, if you’re advertising an outdoor music festival then one thing you might do is put up huge vinyl banners in prominent locations around town where people can see them from far away when driving past – this will help entice people to come out and enjoy the music.

-What material you want banners printed on:

There are many options for banners such as vinyl banners, fabric banners, soft-touch banners, etc which all have different advantages depending on your needs (e.g. whether or not it rains where you live). When choosing a banner, consider what style will best suit your event and budget

-The size of banners required: This is important –

make sure that whatever size you choose matches up with how far away from the target audience they’ll be able to see it clearly at in real-life events like concerts or conferences

ASIDE here’s one quick tip for getting people to take notice of signs when there are lots competing for attention; use contrasting colors. For banners, this means you use the color red for text but green for your background. This trick has been shown to be more effective than using a single bright contrasting color

-What to do when printing banners:

You’ll need some form of the digital file or vector document that contains all of the lettering, images, etc in order for it to print well (without any fuzziness). Make sure everything is high resolution and has no blemishes

-How many banners are needed?

If you’re only making one then there’s not much point if people won’t see it. But banners can also act as promotional tools – so make plenty! And they don’t take long at all – most printers will offer same-day delivery these days on banners

-Where banners should be placed:

You want to make sure that banners are positioned where they’ll have the most effect – for example, hanging banners outside of an event is a great way to promote it and ensure people will turn up.