If potential customers have a positive view of your products and their aftermath before you start to direct them or before they start to buy, you are much more open to closing a sale.

Another innovation regarding the permanent exhibition is that it does not remain attached to a price formality. It is simply a matter of sending the right proverb to the right subject at the right time. Here are ten designs for doing this… without requiring too much:

  1. Become an online expert. This is a “free sample” device to reconcile business. Search email rhetoric lists and online chats relevant to your downfall and your customers. element of several of them spreading comments to resolve difficulties or responding to fights. It may be necessary to do this during an unforeseen event. But the reward leads in the form of principals and nominations.
  2. Create cards that customers want to keep. Most business cards are discarded a few hours after injection. Instead of having your document thrown away, create one that people actually use, like a notepad with your contact news on each page. The set of notes is consulted almost every day, sealed for 30 days, more or less, and leaves a strong memory.
  3. Stop warning customers that you are not interested. If that idea gives you chills, think again. You have fallen into the voice of increasing the taverns instead of favoring profits. If you stop serving customers who don’t give you an advantage, you have more unforeseen and resources for customers who can really help your company to modernize. “Probably, 20% of its constituents are contributing 150 to 200% of the total annual income; 70% do not benefit and 10% cost 50% to 100% of their income, says consultant micael King. Take a good look at your constituents’ profitability benchmarks and then target special capitals and advertisements to those who matter.
  1. Create a list of contacts by email and send letters through the spokesperson. Most organizations take advantage of the power of emails and you should also send them. It is very economical. however, since the marketing e-mail is in total places, you can stand out if you send, from time to time, personal letters by the anticipator to old customers and possible customers. Just keep in mind that these monies bring something that the principals want to read, such as an analysis of recent events in their sector, special offers or a personalized good humor (a discount on the next purchase, for example). This compatibility has to be valid for those who read it, to reestablish the value of their products. Remember: the best way to sell is to advertise.
  1. Participate in fairs and chats. You can create incontinent interesting folders with contact details, inserts with exceptional products or a smaller website about an event.
  1. Combine business with pleasure … and solidarity. Hold an incident, party or conference for a start that you support. This opens up the loophole of meeting multiple individuals and showcasing their leadership skills.
  1. Create a sign. A bookshop with a cafeteria inside. A furniture store with professionals to remember the clients’ children. Because? So that the principals spend some time there. A Sunday dawn at the bookstore becomes a pleasant weekend practice, rather than just a purchase. Steal that idealization. And this very different tip applies to the Web. Using “pay per click” advertising (you only pay for the brochure if a user clicks the link to your website), you can attract audiences to events or bargains, notes consultant Jay Lipe.
  1. Make customers feel special. Customers like to be recognized, especially nowadays, when everything is fast and “at the slightest blow. “Even with companies on the Web, it is possible to provide a good submission to the customer”, says Denise McMillan, owner of an online store. McMillan includes a smaller sachet smelling of dita in all the jewelry or lingerie bags she sells and even sends a handwritten letter of charge. “The smell and the letter accompany a few cents, but something special is acquired, she says.
  2. Flirt with the local media. Reports generate more credibility than paid broadcast. To receive coverage from the local media, whether from income, TV, radio seasons or trade newspapers, you are aiming for new news at a convenient time. Generally, it is worthwhile to get a professional from public relations or a press office. He will get space for news, go after the presentation of communicability vehicles and send press releases talking about his company. This can usually be done for a short cycle or from time to time.
  1. Finally, don’t let customers escape. make an effort to bring them back. It costs much less to bring back a dissatisfied or not-so-long-term client than to provoke a new one. If you haven’t seen a customer in a while, send a personalized email that process can be automated) asking if everything is okay. For a customer who has gone through a bad event, use the phone, acknowledge the situation and ask if there is anything you can do. Discrimination is also good. Being hospitable to customers is the smartest and cheapest partisanship you can carry out.
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